Save the date: 2024 science-to-policy summer school

Ever wanted to know more about how science can be used to drive policy change? Find out more about our joint summer school in June 2024, San Sebastian, Spain.

Group photo of 2023 Summer School in San Sebastian, Spain. The group is at the aquarium, standing in front of a tank of different fish
Attendees at the 2023 summer school

Our summer school is back for 2024 with our partner AZTI, in collaboration with EU-funded projects GES4SEAS, OBAMA-NEXT, MARBEFES, MarineSABRES and ACT-NOW.

This year’s event will look at how to bridge the gap between marine science and policy, with a focus on how to communicate in a way that supports an informed society and decision making.

  • El Aquarium de Donostia – San Sebastian, Spain
  • 11-13 June, 2024

If you’ve ever been curious about how to bolster the link between science and policy making, then please save the date. We hope to see you there!

Details to follow – watch this space!